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Our Kindergarten Ready room

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This is a  kindergarten ready group comprised of full and part-time students who are headed off together to kindergarten the following year. This group is moving from focusing on themselves as individuals to working together as a more productive group. This room provides opportunities for your child to explore math, science, and phonemic awareness, looks at the world through cultural traditions, story telling, music and art, and empowers children to help others through community service projects throughout the year.

During this year, the students have more opportunities to participate in cooperative group activities that help us focus on community and working together towards a common goal.  Science experiments and building projects that stay in the classroom or become public property replace some of the individually owned projects. Children learn the art of writing by exploring cultural traditions in story telling. We read fairy tales, folk tales and fables from different parts of the world to begin to build our own stories. We write a round-robin class story before we construct our own stories and artwork to tell our tales in the same traditions we have explored.

Our focus on preparing children with critical thinking and problem solving skills is as big a part of our daily routine as creativity and imagination are.  This is the year we help children build a strong foundation for a successful kindergarten experience. Our daily curriculum includes free play, teacher directed small group activities, open-ended manipulatives, science experiments, math games, phonics work, physical activities outdoors and in the gym, as well as circle time for story and group discussions. Please send your child ready to explore and get messy!  Though we cook together as part of our curriculum,  please send a peanut free lunch.

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