on school road

About Us

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It is the mission of Wilton’s Parks and Recreation to be of service to the community by offering diverse and affordable programming for preschool children through senior citizens.  Please visit the Parks and Rec website  for full lists of programs and information.

On School Road is Parks and Rec’s answer to the community need for affordable, creative, exciting early childhood programming.  Starting in 2004, Sharon Cowley came to Parks and Rec to offer art classes for children and adults.  As the community need grew for more diverse programming to augment children’s preschool experiences, On School Road blossomed.  Today Sharon brings 16 years of teaching experience to Parks and Rec, and together with 12 other teachers runs an energetic, collaborative, imaginative program here at Comstock Community Center.

On School Road has created an environment where children are given the necessary tools to build self awareness and self-esteem. A place for children to deepen their respect for others and the environment and to think independently and creatively.  We foster imagination, exploration, ingenuity and compassion to help children become active problem solvers and creative members of our community.

We believe children need a place to feel empowered, comfortable and safe to be ready to explore, investigate and experiment with their surroundings.  It is our philosophy to design curriculum around children’s interests, change schedules to meet the groups needs/wants and include children’s ideas in classroom planning.

Our goal is to help foster creative, independent, critical thinkers!